Timeline June 12 1994: The Murders of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman

“Did O.J. do it?”

The question “Did O.J. Simpson kill Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?” has enthralled the public since 1994.

Nearly everyone alive during the “Trial of the Century” has a strong opinion of O.J.’s guilt or innocence; but are these opinions rooted in an understanding of the actual facts?

Timeline: 12 June 1994 is a comprehensive, factual documentation of the events of the night of June 12th 1994 and the activities of O.J. Simpson, his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman and includes several never before examined details of that fateful evening.

In order to provide the public with the most thorough and accurate account of the events of the night of June 12th 1994, this timeline was constructed utilizing only facts in evidence, testimony, a little bit of science and a dash of common sense (not one iota of conspiracy and no theories are included; just the facts).

Readers will find that the author has included citations for every important aspect of the timeline.

To learn the definitive answer the question “Did O.J. Simpson do it?” read Timeline: 12 June 1994.