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OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 14 - 5 Days In June How the Coverage Shaped Public Opinionvideo

5 Days In June: The TV News Coverage that Shaped Public Opinion of OJ Simpson’s Guilt or Innocence. [OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode...

The news reports suggested that he was the killer before knowing if O.J. Simpson was even in Los Angeles at the time that Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were murdered. The Los Angeles news media spoke with neighbors of Nicole Brown Simpson who...
Fred and Kim Goldman Shameful Smear of OJ and Nicole Brown Simpson Children

EDITORIAL: Fred & Kim’s Shameful Smear

A New Low: The Goldman’s Use of the News Media to Bully Nicole Brown Simpson’s Kids   In the past thirty years we have seen so many ordinary people who have done extraordinary things for the greater good and others in the wake of the murder...

Connie Chung Plays the Game “Man or 1993 Ford Bronco Tire Cover?”

Find out if news anchor Connie Chung can tell the difference between a man and a 1993 Ford Bronco tire cover. (A fun game show) On the evening of June 17, 1994 tens of millions of Americans were obsessively focused on their televisions; watching a...

Jason Simpson’s Remarkable Run

The most remarkable run made on June 17, 1994 wasn't made by O.J. Simpson in a white Ford Bronco... Virtually every American was watching this at the same time — this was a shared event; for better or worse. - Bob Costas The images of a white...
Audio: Al Cowlings Call to 911 on June 17 1994video

O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase: Al Cowling’s 911 Call

Hear the dramatic 911 call A.C. Cowlings made on June 17, 1994 while driving his white Ford Bronco north on the 5 Freeway. O.J. Simpson's Ford Bronco chase on the evening of June 17, 1994 captured the attention of 95 million viewers nationwide. On that night...

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