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Fact Check OJ Simpson the Lost Confession OJSimpson.covideo

Fact Check of “OJ Simpson the Lost Confession?” Panelists [OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 18]

When an information source gets the most basic facts wrong, should you trust that their other claims are credible? In this episode of “OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” we fact check comments of the talking heads who were featured panelists on “OJ Simpson the...
OJ Simpson Fact or Fiction Episode 13 - Nicole Brown Simpson 1993 911 Calls OJSimpson.covideo Exclusive: Nicole Brown Simpson 911 Calls. Complete, Uncensored, Never Before Heard.

The exclusive, complete & uncensored calls to 911 about OJ Simpson that were made by Nicole Brown Simpson in October 1993 is the topic of the 13th episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Nicole's calls are arguably the most famous and most widely...
Chasing A Mirage - Fred Goldman's Quest for OJ Simpson's Money

The Quest for OJ Simpson’s Money Has Fred Goldman Chasing a Mirage

For over two decades, Fred Goldman has been on a mission to collect tens of millions of dollars from O.J. Simpson. But what if I told you that for over 20 years Fred Goldman has been chasing a mirage. The Verdict in the Civil Trial...
Keith Zlomsowitch Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Simpson Relationship

Keith Zlomsowitch • Adventures in Embellishment

After seven years of marriage, in January 1992, O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson made the decision to separate. In February 1992, Nicole and her children with Mr. Simpson, Justin and Sydney, left 360 N Rockingham Ave and moved 1.3 miles away to a four-bedroom house...
Ron Goldman's siter, Kim Goldman, Dated Michael Nigg in 1992 OJ Simpson OJSimpson.Co

World Exclusive: Kim Goldman Dated Michael Nigg In 1992

Two friends, approximately 26 years old, both waiters & aspiring actors are murdered in separate incidents in safe parts of Los Angeles just 15 months apart.  Neither murder has ever been solved.  The men have a lot in common; more than even they knew…...

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes — The Bruno Magli Shoes

Prior to the O.J. Simpson trial Italian shoe manufacturer Bruno Magli was a brand primarily known by one percenters, but the trial of the century helped make Bruno Magli a household name.  A January 1997 article noted in 1996 Bruno Magli’s “sales figures...

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