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Blues Brothers Jake Elwood Calumet City
Calumet City’s Favorite Sons

Patrick J. McKenna is the third most famous individual born in the Chicago suburb of Calumet City , Illinois.  The two most famous native sons of “Cal City” are, of course, the fictional characters Jake and Elwood Blues – better known as the Blues Brothers — portrayed by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi.

Some private investigators brand themselves as being “the world’s greatest.”  They usually have flashy websites with their self-proclaimed title prominently displayed and list television shows about aliens among their “renowned investigations.”  These are the type of folks who never turn down an interview opportunity because they love to sing their own praises to anyone who will listen.

Simpson Defense Team Investigator Patrick J. McKenna.
Simpson Defense Team Lead Investigator Patrick J. McKenna.

Pat McKenna very rarely does interviews.  Mr. McKenna has played a key role in some of the most well-known criminal cases over the last forty years; but the Irish-Catholic South Sider treats his work for every client the same way the Church treats information told to a priest during the Sacrament of Reconciliation – he does not disclose anything related to his work on behalf of his clients without their permission.

Mr. McKenna’s known clients include some of the most well-known people and groups in the world: O.J. Simpson, Yoko Ono, F. Lee Bailey, John E. du Pont, William Kennedy Smith, Casey Anthony and the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Porkins Policy Radio, Pearse RedmondIn 2017, after a friend sent him an .mp3 of an episode of Porkins Policy Radio focused on the O.J. Simpson case, Mr. McKenna was impressed with host Pearse Redmond’s knowledge of the case and accepted an invitation to appear on the show.

Pearse Redmond, Host of Porkins Policy Radio
Pearse Redmond, Host of Porkins Policy Radio

The three, two-hour conversations between Mr. McKenna and Mr. Redmond are nothing short of a master class on the O.J. Simpson case.  Mr. McKenna offers an unprecedented first-person insight into the Trial of the Century which includes stories you’ve never heard about the most widely covered trial in history.

We hope you enjoy hearing this six-hour trilogy:

Porkins Policy Radio, Pearse RedmondPart One: May 30, 2017 – Porkins Policy Radio Episode 95

Topics Covered in Part One: Mr. McKenna agrees to join Mr. Simpson’s team; The Chicago investigation; Mark Fuhrman; Timeline of June 12, 1994; Bloody socks; and, the untold story of witness Tom Lange.

Porkins Policy Radio, Pearse RedmondPart Two: June 20, 2017 – Porkins Policy Radio Episode 98

Topics Covered in Part Two: A very detailed examination of the timeline of June 12, 1994; Three Thumps that Kato Kaelin Heard; The infamous bloody glove; The target of the Bundy Drive murders; The Fuhrman Tapes; The murders of Brett Cantor and Michael Nigg; The claims of Dr. Jennifer Ameli; and, Anthony Pellicano’s role in the case.

Porkins Policy Radio, Pearse RedmondPart Three: September 26, 2017 – Porkins Policy Radio Episode 110

Topics Covered: Mr. Simpson’s release from Lovelock Correctional Institution; Misconceptions and falsehoods about the Las Vegas case; Provably false stories in the news media about Mr. Simpson and his family; Marcia Clark’s recent claims about EDTA; Fuhrman and the bloody glove; and, Bruno Magli Shoes.

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