Listen: The Opperman Report’s OJ Simpson Holiday Special

As a native New Yorker, I spent my first 18 years spoiled by the most diverse array of radio stations each featuring their format/genre’s best broadcasters. The New York market has stations that cover the spectrum of talk radio genres (traditional, hot/shock, conservative, liberal, sports). Interviews on these shows weren’t the typical radio interview cuddle-fest, hosts were not afraid to challenge a guest or ask tough questions; if a guest/interviewee didn’t bring his or her A-Game you would get to hear them self-destruct.


Note: For those unfamiliar with radio, it is essentially a live podcast without an ad for Squarespace.


Two current radio personalities who cover true crime topics and exemplify the same qualities that I grew up listening to on New York talk radio are Pearse Redmond and Ed Opperman. Although I have a strong rapport with both Pearse and Ed, I know that given their extensive knowledge of all things OJ, the questions asked and topics discussed during an appearance on Porkins Policy Radio or The Opperman Report will be the best and toughest.

On December 21, 2017 I had the privilege of appearing on The Opperman Report’s O.J. Simpson Holiday Special.


A little background for those who are unfamiliar with Ed Opperman:

Before he embarked on his successful career as a private investigator, Ed Opperman was learning talk radio under the tutelage of a New York radio legend: Lynn Samuels.


For those who didn’t grow up in New York hearing the dulcet tones of Lynn Samuels, I think these two testimonials describe her perfectly:

John Manelli, the program director who hired Lynn Samuels at WABC, told the New York Times “She did her homework, she was funny, compulsively candid, and you just couldn’t help listening to her.”

Bob Grant, talk radio host and Miss Samuels colleague at WABC, told the Times “What I admired about her was, she wasn’t afraid.”


Listeners of the Opperman Report would likely agree that both quotes are applicable to the qualities that Ed Opperman exemplifies as a broadcaster.


Ed spent three years working with Lynn Samuels at WBAI, then, in the early 1980’s; Ed stepped away from the world of talk radio and began his journey as a private investigator. Ed honed his craft as an investigator for New York City’s top law firms; throughout the 1980’s Ed served as an investigator for the five boroughs’ most notable defendants.


Ed Opperman’s greatest success has been in the field of digital forensic investigations. Ed’s position as an industry-leader in digital forensics is best illustrated by these testimonials:

  • When the Howard Stern Show, one of the most popular and successful radio programs in the history of radio, required the services of a best-in-class digital forensic investigator to identify the source of defamatory emails, they hired Ed Opperman.


  • Following the world learning that Tiger Woods’ used his ‘naughty boy phone’ to exchange titillating SMS/text messages with various women, ABC News Nightline turned to Ed Opperman to explain digital forensics to their audience.


The Opperman Report OJ Simpson Holiday Special

In our two-hour conversation, Ed and I discussed a plethora of OJ-related topics:

  • The Mark Fuhrman Tapes.


  • New information about OJ and the Bruno Magli shoes that was revealed in It’s Gotta Be The Shoes the latest episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? co’s series of mini-documentaries.


  • The tall tales of Bill Wasz (a man who once committed armed robbery to steal a pair of pants from a department store)


  • The story of how Fred Goldman successfully lobbied the California legislature to change the hearsay laws and the impact the new law had on the civil trial.


Listen to the Opperman Report’s OJ Simpson Holiday Special


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