Did OJ Dispose of the Murder Knife in Chicago?

"OJ Simpson: Fact Or Fiction?" Episode 7

On June 16, 1994 Chicago and Los Angeles police, armed with metal detectors, converged on wooded field near O’Hare International Airport to search for evidence related to the June 12th murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle Goldman in Los Angeles.

Amoco Gas Station O'Hare Plaza Hotel
Amoco Gas Station in Relation to the O’Hare Plaza Hotel

Law enforcement were led to the wooded and overgrown vacant lot in response to a motorist’s anonymous report that he had spotted someone resembling O.J. Simpson digging behind the Amoco station at 5600 N. Cumberland  circa 7:00 am on Monday, June 13, 1994.

O'Hare Plaza Hotel
The O’Hare Plaza Hotel. Chicago, Illinois.

The O’Hare Plaza Hotel, where Mr. Simpson had checked into at 6:18 that morning, is located across the street from the location of the anonymous witnesses’ alleged sighting.

For the next ten days Chicago and Los Angeles police searched the 50 by 100 yard lot which LAPD detective Bert Luper described as “a mini-jungle” for the murder knife and other evidence that might connect Mr. Simpson to the murders.  Detective Luper was very confident that the murder knife would be found in Chicago, saying at a June 22nd press conference: “Knowing what I know about this case-this is strictly my opinion-I think it’s here in Chicago.”

Simpson Defense Team Investigator Patrick J. McKenna.
Simpson Defense Team Lead Investigator Patrick J. McKenna.

However the Chicago and Los Angeles police departments were not the only one’s investigating, Mr. Simpson’s attorney Robert Shapiro had sent Patrick J. McKenna, who would later become the defense team’s lead investigator, to Chicago on June 15, 1994.

Did OJ Dispose of the Murder Knife in Chicago?

All of the witnesses included in “O.J. & the Cut” (Episode 4) were identified by Mr. McKenna during his work in Chicago on behalf of Mr. Simpson.

Chicago Police LAPD FBI OJ Chicago Search
Chicago Police, LAPD & the FBI participated in the Chicago search.

Multiple law enforcement agencies (Chicago Police, LAPD, FBI) participated in the ten day search of the Chicago field.  Following their duties related to the World Cup 1994 opening ceremonies, the United States Secret Service provided the search team with their tracking dogs to assist in the search of the field.  ABC News reported that even NASA would be joining the search for the murder knife; Dick Johnson of WLS TV reported that the space agency would use a spy satellite to search both Chicago and Los Angeles for metal objects.

Dick Johnson Chicago WLS ABC News
Dick Johnson, WLS TV (ABC) Chicago

Convinced that the murder knife was in Chicagoland, law enforcement even searched the lockers at O’Hare International Airport and completely removed the lavatory of the aircraft that flew Mr. Simpson to Chicago.

Despite the ‘left no stone unturned’ Chicago search efforts, the murder knife was not located here.  For that matter, the murder life has not been located anywhere; which is why so many believe that it was disposed of somewhere in Chicago.

The seventh episode of O.J. Simpson: Fact or Fiction, an episodic series of mini-documentaries which focuses on one element of the O.J. Simpson saga per episode, examines the question: Did O.J. Simpson Dispose of the Murder Knife in Chicago?

Did OJ Dispose of the Murder Knife in Chicago?
LAPD Detective Bert Luper

The suggestion that while in Chicago Mr. Simpson disposed of evidence that would connect him to the murders was not made by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office during the 1995 criminal trial.  In fact, the prosecution did not present a single witness to even infer to the jurors that Mr. Simpson may have hidden evidence while in Chicago.

Therefore the public’s understanding of Mr. Simpson’s activities while in Chicago is clouded by egregiously inaccurate news reports of rumor and innuendo. 

Bill Zwecker Sun Times OJ Used Samurai Sword
Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times reported that a samurai sword was used in the Bundy Dr murders.

O.J. Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 7

In this episode we are joined by the lead investigator for Mr. Simpson’s defense team, Patrick J. McKenna who was kind enough to dig into his archives and review all of the files from the investigation he conducted in Chicago immediately following the murders.  Mr. McKenna will share the key takeaways of his investigation and the evidence which validates each of his takeaways.  In doing so one will be understand, beyond any doubt, the answer to the decades old question:

Did O.J. Simpson Dispose of the Murder Knife in Chicago?

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