Fact Check of “OJ Simpson the Lost Confession?” Panelists [OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 18]

When an information source gets the most basic facts wrong, should you trust that their other claims are credible? In this episode of “OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” we fact check comments of the talking heads who were featured panelists on “OJ Simpson the Lost Confession?”

For background, on March 11, 2018, FOX aired a two-hour special titled OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession? This program featured portions of an interview conducted with with Mr. Simpson in 2006 regarding the book If I Did It as well as a panel discussion, filmed in 2018, which featured several talking heads commenting on clips from the 2006 interview.

The two-hour special, which delivered terrible ratings for FOX, was hosted by journalist Soledad O’Brien, who this filmmaker greatly admire s(Fun fact: Ms. O’Brien grew up in the same Long Island town as Brian Heiss) but clearly was working from a script that no one had taken the time to fact check. These talking heads joined Ms. O’Brien as panelists: former publisher Judith Regan, Simpson prosecutor Christopher Darden, Brown family representative Eve Shakti Chen, anti-domestic violence advocate Rita Smith and retired FBI profiler/South Park Elementary School Counselor Mr. Mackey’s doppelgänger Jim Clemente.

Fact Check of “OJ Simpson the Lost Confession?” Panelists

This episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?, an episodic series of mini-documentaries which focuses on one element of the O.J. Simpson saga per episode, examines the claim that Mr. Simpson’s 2006 interview with Judith Regan was his “first and only television interview about his relationship with Nicole and his movements on her last night alive.”

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