OJ Simpson FOX Interview: Lost Confession or Pure Fiction? [OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Episode 15]

In March 2018, FOX television promoted the primetime broadcast of an interview with OJ Simpson, filmed in 2006, as his “lost confession” to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Did Mr. Simpson actually confess or is this claim utter fiction?

Episode 15 of “OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” explores this question using: the contract for the If I Did It project, depositions taken in conjunction with legal actions taken following the 2006 announcement of the project and legal filings and decisions related to the If I Did It project.

To answer this question beyond any doubt this episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?  examines the following:

  • The judgement in the civil trial and how it relates to the 2006 If I Did It project.
  • Fred Goldman’s offer to OJ Simpson and actions following the announcement of the If I Did It project.
  • The terms of the actual contract between NewsCorp [HarperCollins Publishing, FOX Television] and Lorraine Brook / OJ Simpson.

Before you watch the FOX television special which claims to be OJ Simpson’s “lost confession” to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, learn the actual facts about the If I Did It project by watching the 15th episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?:

Want to know more about “If I Did It” and read all of the contracts and legal documents related to the 2006 book and television special?

Read The Unbelievable, Untold True Story of If I Did It & the Ron Goldman Foundation.

OJ Simpson Contract for If I Did It

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