OJSimpson.co Exclusive: Nicole Brown Simpson 911 Calls. Complete, Uncensored, Never Before Heard.

“OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction?” Episode 13

The exclusive, complete & uncensored calls to 911 about OJ Simpson that were made by Nicole Brown Simpson in October 1993 is the topic of the 13th episode of OJ Simpson: Fact or Fiction? Nicole’s calls are arguably the most famous and most widely heard 911 calls in history. While the October 25, 1993 call may be the most famous 911 call ever, you have never heard it because the complete, uncensored audio of the calls have never been available to the public until now.

The audio you will hear in this episode reveals for the first time ever nearly all of the comments made by OJ Simpson throughout the calls. Until recently, the digital audio engineering tools were not available to allow Mr. Simpson’s comments to be revealed. Using best-in-class software including: Sony Spectralayers Pro, professional audio software manufactured by iZotope and Adobe Audition the team at OJSimpson.co was able to completely restore the audio and clean it up to allow for Mr. Simpson’s voice to be heard.

This never before heard, OJSimpson.co exclusive audio will undoubtedly change your understanding of what the issues were between O.J. and Nicole on that October night in 1993.

Also included in this presentation are the comments made to LAPD by both O.J. and Nicole which were secretly recorded by LAPD Sgt Craig Lally. LAPD officers had placed O.J. and Nicole in separate parts of the house to allow each to be candid and speak openly about what occurred that night without fear of the other hearing them.

In addition to revealing O.J. Simpson’s comments, today’s release marks the first time in over two decades that the complete, uncensored audio of Nicole Brown Simpson’s October 25, 1993 calls to 911 emergency services is available to the public. Previously the public only had access to a few short excerpts of these calls.

Episode 13 also features a key excerpt from Mr. Simpson’s civil trial deposition where he is questioned about the events of that night. The exchange between Mr. Simpson and Goldman family attorney Daniel Petrocelli occurred on January 25, 1996. It is important to note that Mr. Simpson’s answers were widely ridiculed in media reports.

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