EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: O.J. Simpson Questioned by LAPD Detectives on June 13, 1994

The audio that the LAPD and Los Angeles District Attorney’s office hoped you’d never hear.

You’ve heard the rumors…  You’ve heard the cherry-picked excerpts of O.J.’s comments which paint him in a bad light… The media has told you it clearly established his guilt…  But you’ve never heard the audio of O.J. Simpson being interrogated by LAPD detectives Tom Lange and Phil Vannatter on June 13, 1994.

If the audio was so damning to O.J. Simpson than why did Marcia Clark and Chris Darden fight to prevent O.J. Simpson’s defense team from introducing it into evidence at the trial?  Why has the complete, unedited interview never been broadcast?  Why wasn’t the audio of O.J. Simpson being questioned by LAPD available on the Internet until Brian Heiss released it to the public in 2016?

For the first time ever, hear the complete, unedited interrogation of O.J. Simpson on June 13, 1994: