O.J. and the Gloves: What Really Happened?

Since 1995 Americans have speculated about why the gloves didn’t fit O.J. Simpson.

O.J. Simpson struggling to fit his hands into the bloody leather gloves used in the killings of his ex-wife Nicole and waiter Ron Goldman is perhaps the most famous moment (and biggest blunder) in the history of American jurisprudence.

Ezra Edelman’s 2016 film O.J. : Made In America purported to include “new” information which finally explains why the gloves did not fit O.J. Simpson.

Former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti, appearing on Good Morning America in June 2016, discussed this “new” revelation from O.J. : Made in America regarding why the gloves did not fit on O.J. Simpson’s hands:

“What we didn’t know until I saw it on this film was that O.J. Simpson was taking arthritic medication for his hands and he was told, ‘If you stop taking this arthritic medication, your hands will swell. Your joints will stiffen.’ My God!”

Garcetti’s comments resulted in a plethora of news headlines which proclaimed:

The supposedly new “revelation” about the glove demonstration attained more news coverage than anything else included in O.J.: Made In America.

Although hundreds of articles were published about this “new” revelation, none of them were accurate (Literally none).

While the film pushes the narrative that the gloves did not fit because O.J. Simpson stopped taking his arthritis medication prior to the gloves demonstration, this idea was completely debunked in 1995.   It wasn’t debunked by smoke and mirrors, the documentation was provided by the Los Angeles County Jail doctor and included the Jail’s medical records. This evidence was presented on the record to Judge Lance Ito on 23 June 1995.

Find out what really happened and why the gloves did not fit O.J. Simpson.