The Mark Fuhrman Tapes

The Mark Fuhrman Tapes Research Center

The Mark Fuhrman Tapes Research Center is a compilation of source material on Mark Fuhrman, the OJ Simpson Trial, Race in America & law enforcement.

A collection of news reports about the Mark Fuhrman Tapes from the OJ Simpson trial.

A compilation of commentaries about the Fuhrman Tapes from a wide array of viewpoints.
The complete text of Judge Lance Ito’s August 1995 ruling on the admissibility of Laura Hart McKinny’s taped interviews with LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman.

Kathleen Bell met Mark Fuhrman in 1985 or 1986. After seeing him testify during the Preliminary Hearing, Bell, who believed that OJ Simpson was guilty, called authorities and wrote a letter because “I didn’t want someone to be tried without all the information, and I thought that there might be some reason that they need to know that Mark Fuhrman said these things to me.”

News articles about Joseph Britton’s lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department for excessive-force after he was shot five or six times by police officers, one of whom was Fuhrman, when he tried to flee a crime scene in 1987. Britton, who maintained his civil rights had been violated, has claimed that either Fuhrman or a partner taunted him afterward by saying, “Why don’t you go ahead and die and save us the paperwork?” Fuhrman denies making the remark.

In 1983, Detective Fuhrman requested a stress disability pension from the Los Angeles Board of Pension Commissioners. Fuhrman’s claim was denied. Fuhrman made a Superior Court appeal, which is how this psychiatric report became public record.

In 1995, Mark Fuhrman filed a a $50-million libel action against New Yorker magazine, Jeffrey Toobin and Robert Shapiro.

Following the Simpson trial, Mark Fuhrman wrote a book titled Murder In Brentwood. Fuhrman’s book included a plethora of false claims and allegations.

The lead detectives in the OJ Simpson investigation, Tom Lange and Phil Vannatter, wrote this comprehensive response which debunked each of Fuhrman’s claims and allegations.