What did limo driver Allan Park actually see on June 12, 1994 at 10:55pm ?

Myth vs Fact: What the Limo Driver Saw.  On June 12, 1994 at 10:55pm Allan Park saw a “dark figure”.  However, what you heard that Park saw is significantly different than his testimony.  Find out what Allan Park actually saw.

What did limo driver Allan Park actually see at 10:55pm on June 12, 1994?

In her closing argument on September 26, 1995, Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark told the jury what limo driver Allan Park saw while he was speaking on the phone with his boss Dale St. John at 10:55pm:

And at the same time he said almost simultaneously he saw a person approximately six feet tall, 200 pounds, African American wearing all dark clothing, walking at a good pace up the driveway and he told you that he hung up.


Marcia Clark
Marcia Clark delivering her closing argument.

Marcia Clark’s assertion that Allan Park saw a six foot tall, 200-pound, African-American male speed walking the length of the long driveway of 360 N Rockingham Avenue has been presented as being fact for over 20 years. However Marcia Clark completely misstates Allan Park’s testimony regarding the location of the “dark figure” and the distance Park testified seeing the “dark figure” walk.

Allan Park’s Actual Testimony

Here is the portion of limo driver Allan Park’s testimony which he marks the location of the “dark figure” and what he observed that person doing:

[aesop_video align=”center” src=”vimeo” id=”224134894″ caption=”Alan Park Testifies to the Location of the “Dark Figure”” disable_for_mobile=”off” loop=”off” autoplay=”off” controls=”on” viewstart=”off” viewend=”off” revealfx=”off”]

How has Marcia Clark’s lie persisted and been presented as fact for over 20 years?  The news media has blindly accepted Marcia Clark’s soundbite as being accurate without fact-checking Ms. Clark’s statement against Mr. Park’s testimony.

Such shoddy journalism is completely unacceptable and occurs far too frequently with the O.J. Simpson saga.  It seems that more often than not, if a claim fits the news media’s narrative it is presented as fact regardless of the validity of said claim.

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