Keith Zlomsowitch Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Simpson Relationship

After seven years of marriage, in January 1992, O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson made the decision to separate. In February 1992, Nicole and her children with Mr. Simpson, Justin and Sydney, left 360 N Rockingham Ave and moved 1.3 miles away to a four-bedroom house located at 325 Gretna Green Way.

Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Simpson
January 1992: O.J. and Nicole Simpson separate.

For a few days in early January 1992, while O.J. Simpson was in New York City hosting the NFL on NBC pre and post-game show with Bob Costas, Nicole Brown Simpson took their kids,  Justin and Sydney, to Aspen, Colorado to go skiing.

Bob Costas and OJ Simpson NFL Live on NBC 1991
Bob Costas and OJ Simpson hosted NFL Live on NBC 1991

According the the Palm Beach Post, it was during that trip to Aspen that Nicole met Keith Zlomsowitch.  The Post reported that, after spotting Nicole on the slopes, Zlomsowitch “made his way over to chat her up, and that night he had dinner with her and her young kids and the friend with whom they were staying.”

Nicole Brown Simpson and Keith Zlomsowitch in 1992.
Nicole Brown Simpson and Keith Zlomsowitch in 1992.

Background Information

The majority of the material that follows has been culled from the only time that Keith Zlomsowitch was called as a witness in a matter involving O.J. Simpson.  For background, on June 22, 1994, Keith Zlomsowitch testified before a Los Angeles County Grand Jury convened by District Attorney Gil Garcetti who was seeking a murder indictment against O.J. Simpson.

Keith Zlomsowitch pictured watching O.J. Simpson's parole hearing in July 2017.
Keith Zlomsowitch pictured watching O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing in July 2017.

Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors that at the time he met Nicole in January 1992, he was living in Aspen and working as Director of Operations for Mezzaluna restaurant’s three locations (Aspen, Beverly Hills and Brentwood).

In “late March, early April of ’92” Keith Zlomsowitch moved from Aspen to Los Angeles. Shortly after his arrival, he “contacted her [Nicole Brown Simpson].” He testified that his relationship with Nicole “became romantic approximately 2 weeks from that point.”

Keith Zlomsowitch and Nicole Brown Simpson in 1992.
Keith Zlomsowitch and Nicole Brown Simpson in 1992.

Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors about their relationship and spending time at Nicole’s house at 325 South Gretna Green Way; “I dated her and stayed at the house frequently, and at a point in the future, I did move into the house for a period of time — but not in a romantic relationship at that point. At that point, we were very good friends and she invited me to live in the house.”

Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson by Sheila Weller
Raging Heart: The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson by Sheila Weller

Their romantic relationship only lasted “for a period of approximately 3 to 4 weeks.” In her 1995 book Raging Heart, author Sheila Weller wrote that Nicole Brown Simpson’s relationship with Zlomsowitch lasted just three weeks—most of April 1992.

Zlomsowitch testified that he and Nicole remained friends until January 1994: “The last contact I had with Nicole was approximately 5 months prior to her death.”

Zlomsowitch’s Testified About 3 Alleged Incidents with O.J. Simpson

Marcia Clark OJ Simpson
Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark’s motivation for presenting Zlomsowitch to the Grand Jury was his testimony about three incidents between O.J. and Nicole that he claims to have witnessed in 1992.

Incident One: Early April 1992 at Mezzaluna Beverly Hills

Zlomsowitch testified that:

“Approximately 2 or 3 nights after I got in town, I was working at one of my restaurants; the Mezzaluna in Beverly Hills, so I invited her down to I could see her that night. She said she would love to, invited a couple of friends to go along, asked if she could get a table because it was one of the busier nights. I said, ‘Of course.’ she came down to the restaurant. We were having a very good night. The restaurant was extremely busy at the time. And Mr. Simpson walked into the restaurant, pulled up in front of the restaurant in his car to valet parking, which is very visible. He walked into the restaurant and approached our table.”

“He leaned over our table, rested his hands on the table and sort of stared at myself and the other male individual at the table and introduced himself as Mr. O.J. Simpson and replied, ‘I’m O.J. Simpson and she’s still my wife.’”

“Nicole made a comment to him. I don’t recall exactly what it was. They sort of had a small conversation and he left the restaurant and she followed him out of the restaurant.”

Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors that once the Simpson’s were outside of the restaurant they spoke for approximately 10 minutes. Following their conversation, Nicole returned to the restaurant and continued dining with her friends.

Cora Fischman had a different recollection of that night:

Nicole Brown Simpson and Cora Fischman in December 1993
Nicole Brown Simpson and Cora Fischman in December 1993

Dining with Nicole that night was her best friend Cora Fischman. In March 1996 Cora was deposed by attorneys for the Goldman and Brown families in conjunction with the civil lawsuit that they had filed against Mr. Simpson. Cora’s testimony about that night at Mezzaluna contradict Zlomsowitch’s Grand Jury testimony.

Hollywood Reporter Daniel Petrocelli, attorney for both the Goldman family and Donald Trump OJ Simpson
Daniel Petrocelli, attorney for both the Goldman family and Donald Trump.

Goldman family attorney Daniel Petrocelli asked Cora about that night and she offered the following testimony:

“One was Mezzaluna. I remember that was a Tuesday, and we were there, and OJ. walked in with a friend, and at that time Nicole-there were like a lot of guys sitting, and there was one guy sitting on her lap, and when OJ. walked in, he said to Nicole, “Is this what you wanted?” and all of a sudden, all the guys just left”…

Daniel Petrocelli: Who was the guy sitting on Nicole’s lap?

Cora Fischman:  Oh, God, I don’t remember. The bartender-at the time Keith was there.

Daniel Petrocelli: And O.J. was upset when he said that?

Cora Fischman:  Well, kinda like he was shocked. He goes, ‘This is what you wanted.’

Daniel Petrocelli: What does that mean, “This is what you wanted?”

Robert Baker, Mr. Simpson’s Attorney:   Speculation.

Cora Fischman:  Well, all the men all over-

Daniel Petrocelli: All over Nicole?

Cora Fischman:  Yeah.

Daniel Petrocelli: And was it just Nicole surrounded by a bunch of men?

Cora Fischman:  Yeah. Yeah.

Daniel Petrocelli: Were you there?

Cora Fischman:  Well, I was there. What I was doing, I went to the bathroom, and I was there. I saw all of a sudden all the guys started disappearing.

Daniel Petrocelli: Where did they go?

Cora Fischman:  They all went into different directions.

Daniel Petrocelli: When all the men scattered, was Nicole left alone at the table then?

Cora Fischman:  Yes.

Daniel Petrocelli: And what did O.J. say to her at that time?

Cora Fischman:  O.J. just-O.J. was away. O.J. went to the bar, to the other side.

Daniel Petrocelli: He only made that one comment, “Is that what you want, all of this?”

Cora Fischman:  ‘This is all what you want.’ – ‘Is this all what you wanted?’

Incident Two: Tryst in Beverly Hills

According to the Los Angeles Times, the West Hollywood restaurant, bar and lounge Tryst opened in late-March 1992. Tryst’s opening was a big deal because it “was conceived by LA club impresario Mario Oliver” and was “geared to intimacy for an “older crowd,” meaning over 30, mostly Hollywood-fashion-art types.”

As a restauranteur, Zlomsowitch made an effort to check-out the latest Los Angeles hot spots when they opened. In early-April 1992 he accompanied Nicole and some of her friends to Tryst which at the time was the newest hot spot in LA. Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors about their experience at Tryst:

“We decided we were going to go to a restaurant called Tryst that had just opened. We had made reservations — i remember it was difficult to get the reservations. We made the reservations in advance with several other friends of Nicole’s and we showed up for our reservation that night for dinner. We had to wait an hour, hour-and-a-half for a table, so we were in the bar for a period of time.”

“When we were finally sat, within a minute of the time we actually were set at the table, Mr. Simpson walked into the restaurant, walked directly by our table, looked at everybody at the table as he walked by, made it very clear that his presence was there, walked over to a table approximately 10 feet away from ours, pulled the chair sideways, as if to face our table directly, sat down and just stared at our table.”

It appears that Zlomsowitch attempted to claim that for 90 minutes O.J. Simpson was the invisible man; conducting stealth surveillance of Zlomsowitch and Nicole Brown Simpson as they sat at the bar and waited for a table. Then, when he observed that Nicole’s party had been seated, he magically appeared in the restaurant and walked to the table where his party was seated to join his friends for dinner.

Marcia Clark:       Did Mr. Simpson make any further contact with you?

Zlomsowitch:       He came over to the table at one point, sat down in the booth.

Marcia Clark:       Next to —

Zlomsowitch:       Next to Nicole. And I recall him throwing his arm up on the booth and kind of just leaning back in a casual sense. And, to be honest with you, I don’t recall exactly what was said at that point. I was — I was scared. I was shaken.

Since Zlomsowitch offered no context to explain why he was “scared” and “shaken,” one assumes that he was simply a nervous nelly.

Later in his testimony Zlomsowitch shared additional details regarding the point in their meal that Mr. Simpson first approached their table:

“I believe it was after we finished our own entre when he approached our table and sat down, because we had decided at that point to leave and the check obviously had been paid, or was close to being paid, or we wouldn’t have left.”

So… O.J. did not approach the table where Zlomsowitch and co were seated until after they had finished their meals and were in the process of paying the check – it’s important to note that almost everyone dining with Nicole were friends or friendly with O.J. Simpson. According to Zlomsowitch’s own testimony, it is clear that O.J. did not cause a scene or interrupt their meal. Yet for some unknown reason O.J. Simpson being friendly and saying hello to people he knows caused Keith Zlmosowitch to become “scared” and “shaken.”

Once again, Cora Fischman has a different recollection of that night:

Sitting with Nicole and Keith at Tryst that night was Nicole’s best friend Cora Fischman whose testimony directly contradicts Keith Zlomsowitch’s claim that the incident caused he and others to become “scared” and “shaken.”

Cora shared her remembrance of that night in her March 19, 1996 deposition:

Daniel Petrocelli: Okay. And were you with Nicole and Mr. Simpson at a restaurant called Tryst with Nicole when Mr. Simpson was also there?

Cora Fischman: Right.

Daniel Petrocelli: And did you observe Mr. Simpson’s behavior towards Nicole on that evening?

Cora Fischman: They were friendly. They said hello.

Daniel Petrocelli: Okay. Was there any sign of jealousy on his part that evening?

Cora Fischman:  No.

Daniel Petrocelli: None at all?

Cora Fischman:  No.

Daniel Petrocelli: And you’ve never told anybody that. Correct?

Cora Fischman:  I don’t remember.

Daniel Petrocelli: Okay. You don’t recall?

Cora Fischman:  I don’t recall, no.

Read Cora Fischman’s Complete Deposition

Zlomsowitch Only Testified Before the Grand Jury

It should be noted that: Keith Zlomsowitch was not called as a witness during Mr. Simpson’s criminal trial or in conjunction with the Brown and Goldman family’s civil lawsuit against Mr. Simpson (Zlomsowitch was not even deposed).

Incident Three: A Night at the Roxbury

Roxbury Nightclub Los Angeles OJ Simpson
Roxbury Nightclub, Los Angeles

The third incident that Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors about allegedly occurred at the Roxbury nightclub on the Sunset Strip in mid-April 1992.

That night, he and Nicole decided to go dancing at the Roxbury when he claims the following occurred:


“After entering Roxbury, being there approximately a half-an-hour, 45 minutes, Nicole came up to me and made a comment, ‘O.J. is here.’ I wasn’t dancing at the time. She was dancing, I believe, with a lady friend of hers. I was just sort of hanging out, so I wasn’t really observing the crowd.”

Marcia Clark:       And after she said what she did to you, what did you do?

Zlomsowitch:      We left.

Marcia Clark:       Did you see anyone — Did you see O.J. Simpson there?

Zlomsowitch:      No, I did not.

Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors that he accompanied Nicole Brown Simpson to her home at 325 Gretna Green Way. While having a glass of wine in the living room the two became intimate. Zlomsowitch testified that following their relations, “Nicole thought it was best that I should go home and she should go to bed. So, she did and I did.”

The following day, Zlomsowitch returned to Nicole’s house where he he and Nicole lounged poolside watching Justin and Sydney swimming in the pool.

At some point that day Nicole complained that her neck was stiff and she and Zlomsowitch left the pool area and “went into the bedroom” which was located “off of the swimming pool, very close to where the children were at in the back of the house, with the door open so we could see the children swimming, and I began to give her a neck massage.”

Approximately five minutes into the massage “Mr. Simpson came in through the back door which was adjoining adjacent to the pool.”

Upon seeing Zlomsowitch massaging Nicole with no one watching his kids in the pool, Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors that O.J. Simpson “said, ‘I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. Look what you are doing. Look what you are doing. The kids are right out here by the pool. Look what you guys are doing.’”

It is important to understand that O.J. Simpson’s third child, daughter Aaren, died in August 1979 when the 23-month old drowned in the pool at Rockingham. Considering that he came upon a scene with no one supervising Justin and Sydney (who were 6 years old and 3 ½ years old in April 1992), one can understand why O.J. would be concerned that his young children.

The story of the tragic death of OJ Simpson's daughter Aaren Simpson.
The story of the tragic death of OJ Simpson’s daughter Aaren Simpson.

Zlomsowitch told the grand jurors that after voicing his concerns about no one supervising the kids in the pool, he voiced another concern – apparently O.J. had witnessed their intimacy in the living room the previous evening.  Specifically, O.J. said he witnessed Nicole performing felacio on Zlomsowitch; his concern was not the sex act, rather he was disappointed that the two would engage in such an act in the living room with the drapes open, near a large window in full public view.

According to Zlomsowitch he protested when O.J. requested to speak with Nicole alone, however Nicole told him to wait in the kitchen.

Zlomsowitch waited in the kitchen for approximately 15 minutes when:

“Mr. Simpson came out of the room and approached me in the kitchen. He stuck out his hand to shake my hand, in which I stuck my hand out in reply. And he said, “no hard feelings; right? No hard feeling?” and I looked up at him and I said — I don’t recall if I said, “no hard feelings,” but I said, “it’s okay,” you know, “it’s okay,” or something to that effect. And he said — he said, “you understand, you know, I’m a very proud man.” and I can’t recall exactly what his words were after that, but he said, “I’m a very proud man. You know, I’m very visible in this community,” or something to that effect, I recall.

While O.J. popping by Nicole’s house in the wee hours of the night is certainly curious, it is important to understand the route from the Roxbury nightclub (Roxbury & Sunset Blvd) to 360 N Rockingham. As you can see on the map below, Nicole’s house is essentially along the route home.

Keith Zlomsowitch  • Adventures in Embellishment

We don’t have insight to the dynamic of O.J. and Nicole’s relationship shortly after their separation in April 1992. While I put zero weight in the credibility of the reporting of Radar Online, the publication claimed that following their separation “she [Nicole] was still sleeping with Simpson because ‘the sex was incredible,’ she [Nicole] wrote to her pal Cora Fishman.”

On the off chance the Radar Online report is credible, one must consider the possibility that O.J. stopped by Nicole’s house in hopes of hooking up and walked away sulking after seeing that Nicole was busy.

Three Nothing Burgers

Zlomsowitch’s testimony about the so-called incident at Mezzaluna (Beverly Hills) has serious credibility issues. Zlomsowitch chose to omit the following key details that were brought to light by Nicole’s best friend Cora Fischman: (1) That O.J. was with a friend when he arrived at Mezzaluna. (2) A gentleman was sitting on Nicole’s lap at the time (3) Nicole was surrounded by a bunch of men.

One cannot explain why Keith Zlomsowitch was “scared” and “shaken” by Mr. Simpson’s behavior at Tryst. If you become “scared” and “shaken” simply by observing your friend’s friend say hello to them, you would be wise to go get yourself a check-up from the neck up.

Yes, it is strange that O.J. stopped by Nicole’s house on his way home from the Roxbury.

Yes, it is strange that Nicole chose to perform felatio on Keith in the living room with the drapes open allowing anyone walking by to enjoy the show.

Yes, it is strange that a man who is supposedly a murderous, jealous monster would respond to seeing his wife performing felatio on another man by shaking that man’s hand and saying “No hard feelings.”

Keith Zlomsowitch and the October 1993 911 Call

For background, O.J. and Nicole’s divorce was finalized on October 15, 1992.

Guest House at 325 S Gretna Green Way
Guest House at 325 S Gretna Green Way

In January 1993 Kato Kaelin moved into Nicole’s guest house at 325 S Gretna Green Way.

Keith Zlomsowitch Nicole Brown Simpson and Friend in 1992
Keith Zlomsowitch Nicole Brown Simpson and Friend in 1992

Also in early 1993, Nicole hosts an engagement party for Keith Zlomsowitch and his fiancée, former Heidi Fleiss prostitute, Alexandra Datig.

Marc Eliot Kato Kaelin The Whole Truth

The source material for Marc Eliot’s 1995 book Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth was the five months of taped interviews he conducted with Kato Kaelin. Eliot shares that the Zlomsowitch-Datig engagement party was eye opening for Kato Kaelin:

“One thing I remember, was that people kept ‘going upstairs’ during the party.  I asked someone what was going on and was told that was where everyone was doing coke.  I do remember Nicole repeatedly going up and down the stairs.”

Eliot, Marc. Kato Kaelin: The Whole Truth, the Real Story of O.J., Nicole, and Kato from the Actual Tapes. New York: Harper Paperbacks, 1995. Print. Pages 176-177.

Former Heidi Fleiss Call Girl Alexandra Datig was Anna Nicole Smith's stand-in on the Naked Gun 33 1/3 in 1993.
Former Heidi Fleiss Call Girl Alexandra Datig was Anna Nicole Smith’s stand-in on the Naked Gun 33 1/3 in 1993.

In October 1993 O.J. was filming The Naked Gun 33 1/3. The woman who was the stand-in for Anna Nicole Smith was none other than former Heidi Fleiss prostitute Alexandra Datig.Keith Zlomsowitch  • Adventures in Embellishment

In his January 26, 1996 deposition, Mr. Simpson shared the following about the verbal disagreement he and Nicole had on October 25, 1993:

O.J. Simpson:     The cause of the fight was something that a girl named Alex, who had been Keith’s fiancé. I was shooting a movie, and on the set of the movie she was telling me things in front of people about one — things that Keith was saying about me and things that Nicole and Keith had done during the time we were apart.

Daniel Petrocelli: This woman named Alex was saying these things?

O.J. Simpson:     I think her name was Alex. She was Keith’s fiancé or they were just splitting up, and Keith was in a drug thing or something, she was saying, and she shared some things that upset me.

Petrocelli’s questions returned to this topic later in the deposition:

Daniel Petrocelli: Now, was Alex relating things that Nicole and Keith had done—

O.J. Simpson:     With her. I mean not sexual, but –not sexual things.

Daniel Petrocelli: But before your reconciliation with Nicole. Right?

O.J. Simpson:     Yes.

Daniel Petrocelli: These were things that had been done in 1992. Correct?

O.J. Simpson:     Yes. Yes.

Daniel Petrocelli: Why did you feel the need to confront Nicole?

O.J. Simpson:     Well, I confronted Nicole more with what she said Keith was saying about me and the subject matter of what she was discussing that they had all done in a restaurant. I didn’t think it was right, So–

Daniel Petrocelli: What was it?

O.J. Simpson:     Drugs.

Later in the deposition Petrocelli’s questions return to Zlomsowitch:

Daniel Petrocelli: Now, you were saying much more to her about Keith than just that she had had sex with him in the living room. Right?

O.J. Simpson:     Yes.

Daniel Petrocelli: You were going on and on about Keith. Right?

O.J. Simpson:     About this asshole–

Bob Baker:          I don’t know what “on and on” means.

Daniel Petrocelli: About this asshole–?

O.J. Simpson:     About this asshole talking about me like this, doing drugs. And during the course of this conversation Nicole revealed that this girl was a Heidi Fleiss girl. Evidently, they were all together when she had her fight with Heidi that started that whole thing, and if you listen to the up you will hear me refer to Heidi Fleiss on numerous occasions. And, I just was very unhappy with all of this crap about drugs, about hookers, and I wanted to know why she had brought these people into my kids’ home, and I’m mad today when I think about it, yes. Exclusive: Nicole Brown Simpson’s Call to 911 on October 25 1995

Keith Zlomsowitch and Alexandra Datig After the Break Up
Keith Zlomsowitch and Alexandra Datig After the Break Up

Keith Zlomsowitch and Alexandra Datig in 2017

Alexandra Datig

In recent years Alexandra Datig, the former Heidi Fleiss prostitute, married conservative radio host and author of Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card–and Lose Larry Elder.

According to her SoundCloud bio, Dating is a self-described conservative “political advisor and consultant.” Her website is a mix of Alex Jones crazy and shrine to the President of the United States.

Keith Zlomsowitch

Keith Zlomsowitch July 2017 Mugshot
Keith Zlomsowitch July 2017 Mugshot

When he is not getting arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Keith Zlomsowitch is co-owner of the West Palm Beach restaurant Dorrian’s Red Hand.

EXCLUSIVE: Keith Zlomsowitch’s July 2017 Arrest Report

They Never Turn Down An Interview Request: Former LA District Attorney Gil Garcetti, Ron Shipp and Keith Zlomsowitch
They Never Turn Down An Interview Request: Former LA District Attorney Gil Garcetti, Ron Shipp and Keith Zlomsowitch

Zlomsowitch rarely seems to turn down an opportunity to push a highly embellished version of his questionable testimony regarding his three week relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson in 1992.  Shortly before his July 2017 arrest, Zlomsowitch served as a commentator for local Florida stations covering Mr. Simpson’s parole hearing.  He continues to embellish the details of his relationship with Nicole Brown Simpson and the so-called incidents that he claims to have witnessed between Nicole and O.J. Simpson.

Proving Faye Resnick’s Claims About Keith Zlomsowitch Are Not Credible

Faye Resnick Geraldo Rivera OJ Simpson
Faye Resnick on Geraldo

Daniel Leonard, Attorney for Mr. Simpson:      You first met Nicole, though, in July of ’92, right?

Leonard Marks, Attorney for Ms. Resnick:        I think her testimony was, if I am correct, she may have met her earlier but it wasn’t until July of ’92 that they became friends and started spending more time together.

Daniel Leonard:  You became close to her from July 4th, 1992, right?

Faye Resnick:     Yes.

Daniel Leonard:  And prior to that, you hadn’t had any discussions with her about personal matters, correct?

Faye Resnick:     Correct.

Per her testimony, Faye Resnick first became friends with Nicole Brown Simpson in July 1992.  However later in the deposition she claims:

Daniel Leonard:  When did you – when did you first meet Keith Zlomsowitch?

Faye Resnick:     I first met Keith very early on in my friendship with Nicole, right around July or August.

Daniel Leonard:  Did you – were you friendly with Nicole when the incidents allegedly occurred where O.J. was hiding in the bushes and peering in the window? Were you friendly with her then? [April 1992]

Daniel Petrocelli, Goldman Family Attorney:    Referring to when O.J. saw Nicole and Keith having sex?

Daniel Leonard:  Yes.

Daniel Leonard:  Were you friendly with Nicole then? [April 1992]

Daniel Petrocelli: I think that is asked and answered already.

Leonard Marks:  Well, she can answer the question.

Faye Resnick:     Yes, I was a friend of hers.

Despite the fact that they had not yet become friends and she had never had discussions with Nicole about her personal life prior to July 1992, Faye Resnick’s sworn testimony is that she and Nicole were friends in April 1992 when the act of felacio in front of the open living room window occurred.

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