June 14, 1994: False Witness Jill Shively First Tells Her Tall Tale

This is the story of a lie first told by Jill Shively on June 14, 1994; the story of how she crafted a fictional tale and used it to successfully insert herself into the biggest news story of the year. It is also the story of how and why the news media continues to give her a platform and present her as legitimate despite her serious personal credibility issues (Shively once used the screenplay for the film My Life (which she claimed to have written) to con an actor out of thousands of dollars). In addition to Jill Shively’s personal credibility issues, her story contains many provably false elements including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Jill Shively’s grand jury testimony is fundamentally different than the tale she has been telling since.
  • Shively’s timing does not mesh with three other witnesses (Allan Park, Kato Kaelin & Rachel Ferrerra). For Shively’s scenario to be plausible, immediately after making the three thumps Kaelin heard at 10:40pm O.J. Simpson must have ran to his Bronco and drove to the intersection of San Vincente & Bundy to have the encounter with Shively at 10:50pm and somehow teleported himself back to 360 N Rockingham to be seen by Alan Park at 10:55pm (which is verified by Park’s cellular phone records which was introduced into evidence at trial). If one reads Shively’s grand jury testimony she explains why she’s so adamant and confident about her timing.
  • Shively lied about filing a police report on June 13, 1994 at 7:00am. On June 22, 1994 Shively testified to the grand jury that she first contacted LAPD on June 14, 1994. She first shared her tale with LAPD detectives on June 15, 1994. (This is important because her first statement to law enforcement was made more than 24 hours after footage of O.J. Simpson’s Bronco being towed from Rockingham, with the license plate visible, had been broadcast several times on all local and national newscasts).
  • The Associated Press reported on June 28, 1994 that Shively (or her representatives) attempted to sell her tale to Inside Edition for $100K prior to pitching it to Hard Copy. Considering her history, this cannot be ignored.
  • It is quite telling that in both her grand jury testimony and statements since Shively has never claimed that she entered the Westward Ho Market. She has consistently avoided placing herself inside the Westward Ho Market as she was aware that had she claimed to have entered the store, a review of security camera footage or store employees would quickly disprove her story. She only claims noticing that the salad bar was down, not entering the Market.

The harsh reality is that if one examines the news reports published and broadcast on June 13-14, 1994 it becomes clear that every element of Shively’s tale (from the time speculation to the license plate number) was in the public sphere. With this knowledge and the provably false elements of her story, one can easily conclude that Jill Shively used published & broadcast information to craft a tale to insert herself into a huge news story to reap the benefits. (Let’s not forget that this is someone clever enough to dupe Brian Patrick Clarke, a seasoned actor, into believing her fraudulent representation of herself as a screenwriter using a stolen script.) Jill Shively has been telling her tall tale for over 20 years in a convincing manner, but the devil is in the details… It’s the details of her tale that cannot withstand a fact check and proves beyond any doubt that her story is nothing more than a lie.

When one understands this, it actually makes for a more fascinating story as it allows one to understand how troubling it is that in 2017 this person, whose tale is pure fiction, is expressing an irrational fear that one of the most famous men in the world might come to ‘get her’ despite the fact that they both know the encounter she describes never, ever happened.

When one understands the facts about Jill Shively’s story, it is clear that she is the personification of the verse from the Michael Jackson song Billie Jean: “be careful of what you do ’cause the lie becomes the truth.

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