Exclusive Audio: President Donald Trump Trashes Murder Victim Nicole Brown Simpson, Tells Howard Stern “She’ll Kiss My Ass”

To commemorate International Women’s Day, on March 8, 2017, The Independent published its list of “The 11 Worst Things Donald Trump has Said About women.” While this list includes comments President Trump made on the Howard Stern Show, it does not include Trump’s attack of an innocent murder victim.


President Trump’s most well-known, lewd comments about women were made to then-”Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush and captured by a live microphone that Mr. Trump did not appear to know was recording the September 16, 2005 conversation.


Donald Trump Arianne Zucker Billy Bush Access Hollywood OJ Simpson OJSimpson.co
Donald Trump, Arianne Zucker & Billy Bush. September 16, 2005.


On the now infamous “Access Hollywood” tape, the President brags that his fame enables him to have his way sexually with women, regardless of their consent.


Upon spotting actress Arianne Zucker, who the men were meeting to film a segment for “Access Hollywood,” the President said to Billy Bush:



Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.


Whatever you want.


Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.


As repugnant as those remarks may be, at least President Trump was speaking of a living person and not demeaning and disparaging a woman who was senselessly murdered. 


Donald Trump on Howard Stern Show. September 23, 2004. OJ Simpson, OJSimpson.co
Donald Trump appearing on the Howard Stern Show. (September 23, 2004)

Trump’s Appearance on The Howard Stern Show, September 23, 2004

On September 23, 2004, just 51 weeks before he would make those repugnant comments to Billy Bush, President Trump sunk to a new low (even for him) when he unleashed his vitriol on a woman who was the victim of a senseless murder.



The future President was appearing on The Howard Stern Show to promote season 2 of The Apprentice. After discussing U.S. foreign policy (specifically, U.S. intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan), President George W. Bush’s tax policy, Trump’s support for stem-cell research and Barbra Walter’s “semi-retirement” party; Mr. Stern directs the conversation to Mr. Trump’s relationship with and upcoming marriage to Melania Knauss.  


Donald Trump and Melania Knauss in 2004. OJ Simpson OJSimpson.co
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss in 2004.


Howard Stern, who is perhaps the greatest celebrity interviewer of his generation, asks President Trump about the importance of having a prenuptial agreement.


Jack Welch, OJ Simpson OJSimpson.co
Jack Welch, Former CEO, GE.

Mr. Trump shared the story of Jack Welch, the former chairman of General Electric and for years one of the most revered figures in American industry, whose prenuptial agreement included an expiration clause; whereas following 10 years of marriage the prenuptial agreement would no longer be applicable. Mr. Trump told Stern that shortly after the prenuptial agreement expired, Mr. Welch decided to leave his wife. While Mr. Welch hoped for an amicable divorce, his wife Jane Beasley sued him for 500 million dollars. [Note: In 2003, Mr. Welch settled his divorce with Miss Beasley for $180 million.]


Donald Trump & Marla Maples. December 20 1993. OJ Simpson. OJSimpson.co
Donald Trump & Marla Maples. December 20, 1993

This provided Stern the opportunity to ask Trump about the role of his prenuptial agreement in the timing of his divorce of Marla Maples. Trump provided a vague non-answer to Stern’s question and then pivoted the discussion to his December 20, 1993 wedding to Miss Maples.


Howard Stern. OJ Simpson. Trump wedding. December 1993. OJSimpson.co
Guests at Trump’s 1993 wedding included Howard Stern and O.J. Simpson.


President Trump bragged to Stern’s co-host, Robin Quivers, that despite Stern predicting the marriage would not last three months, his marriage to Miss Maples lasted almost six years.


He then shared with Stern and Quivers that “being the maniac that I am, I go back to the suite and, instead of making love, I decide ‘let’s turn on the television because we had more paparazzi that night than you’ve ever seen.” It was while watching the newscasts coverage of their nuptials that they newlyweds heard Stern predict that their marriage would not last three months. Trump claimed that Miss Maples “cried for the entire week” because of Stern’s comment.


Trump then said, “This is not good; but in the meantime you [Stern] had a good time – you sat right next to O.J. Simpson.” Stern replied, “O.J. and I had a great night!”

Howard Stern and O.J. Simpson at the wedding of Donald Trump. December 20 1993. OJSimpson.co
Howard Stern and O.J. Simpson at the wedding of Donald Trump. December 20 1993.
Marcia Clark OJ Simpson OJSimpson.co
Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark

After proclaiming that Mr. Simpson to be “the most guilty human being I’ve ever seen,” the future President of the United States called Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark “stupid” and declared her to be “the worst.”



Then, President Trump appears to have gone completely off the rails when he began to attack Mr. Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole who was murdered ten years prior to this interview.


Transcript of President Trump Attacking Nicole Brown Simpson

The following is an accurate transcript of President Trump’s cowardly, vulgar attack of murder victim Nicole Brown Simpson:

The Ivy. Los Angeles.
The Ivy. Los Angeles.


Prior to the killing, I was with… somebody… and O.J. came up; I was at a table in California at a certain restaurant, The Ivy, which I’m sure you know very well.

And I’m sitting having dinner and O.J. came up to me… I was with very important people; big bankers – nobody that you’d know – big, big bankers.  And we’re sitting there, there were six of us, and O.J. came up… And he’s talking with us for about three minutes… And Nicole was with her mother, I think, and she came over and she started screaming at him “Get over to the table! What the hell are you…

She was rough; okay? In all fairness…




So he decided, obviously to kill her.


Right… It might have been right at the Ivy he decided…


[Interrupting] She was very tough. She came over and she really embarrassed him. She was screaming at him ‘get over there!’ She didn’t care.

And that was before The Apprentice, so she didn’t give a damn about me. Now she’d be kissing my ass.


Now, I’m the biggest star on television, she’ll kiss my ass.



Because he perceived that Nicole Brown Simpson failed to show him the reverence that he believes he was entitled, ten years after her death President Trump felt the need to demean the integrity of this innocent victim of murder; and, in doing so, he demonstrated that his willingness to attack has no bounds.


This September 23, 2004 exchange between President Trump and Howard Stern is more evidence that President Trump believes that because of his fame and wealth he is entitled to say or do whatever he wants — whether that is having his way with women sexually regardless of their consent or attacking innocent victims of murder.


OJSimpson.co Exclusive Audio: President Trump’s Cowardly, Vulgar Bashing of Murder Victim Nicole Brown Simpson on The Howard Stern Show [September 23, 2004]

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