Did OJ Ask LAPD How Nicole Was Killed?

A Television show claimed that when LAPD told O.J. Simpson that Nicole had been killed, he didn’t ask how she died… But what really happened?


The People Vs O.J. Simpson Premiere Recap – ‘He Didn’t Ask How She Died’ is the headline of a 2016 Morning Ledger article.


Since the premiere of American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson in early 2016, there have been countless articles, blog posts and social media comments which point to the idea that O.J. Simpson didn’t ask how Nicole was killed as evidence that he is guilty of killing her.


In a February 2016 New York Magazine’s Vulture published a series of interviews with Marcia Clark where she would fact check the mini-series American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson and allow the reader to understand which portrayals were factual and which were completely made up. Marcia Clark states:

But then they blew one of the greatest lines in the show. Detective Ron Phillips, wonderful guy, he was the one who called to notify Simpson in Chicago. What he actually told Simpson was, “Your wife is dead.” And Simpson’s response was, “Who killed her?” Wait a minute, how about a car accident? How about an overdose? [Ed. note: In the FX series, Detective Tom Lange calls Simpson at his Chicago hotel and says, “I have some bad news. Your ex-wife Nicole Simpson has been killed,” and later notes to his partner that Simpson didn’t ask how she died.]


The recollection of Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark and the portrayal of the call in American Crime Story both conclude that when O.J. Simpson was notified that his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, had been killed he never asked what happened.


But what really happened? This short documentary separates fact from fiction by presenting key testimony from the man who notified O.J. Simpson that his ex-wife had been killed: Detective Ron Phillips. Understand the details of the telephone conversation and learn the actual facts about O.J. Simpson’s response to the news of Nicole’s death.