Connie Chung Plays the Game “Man or 1993 Ford Bronco Tire Cover?”

Find out if news anchor Connie Chung can tell the difference between a man and a 1993 Ford Bronco tire cover. (A fun game show)

On the evening of June 17, 1994 tens of millions of Americans were obsessively focused on their televisions; watching a white Ford Bronco being driven by A.C. Cowlings with a suicidal O.J. Simpson as a passenger. Nearly every television channel in America interrupted their scheduled programming to broadcast the dramatic images of a white Ford Bronco driving on various Southern California freeways with more than 10 police cars following close behind. That night Americans turned to the news anchormen and women they trusted to inform them as the drama unfolded.

How did they do?Let’s find out as CBS News anchorwoman Connie Chung plays the game show “Man or 1993 Ford Bronco Tire Cover?”

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