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OJ Simpson : Veritas' commitment to excellence in research and fact-checking is rooted in our brand identity -- Veritas.  This commitment is also reflected in the Project’s mission statement/motto “No Conspiracies, No Theories; Just the Facts.”  The O.J.: Veritas Project’s only commitment is to providing accurate, factual information in a completely transparent manner.  We strictly adhere to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) code of principles.   Our content is the result of a journalistic examination and analysis of various components of the O.J. Simpson saga. The authors provide the reader with citations of credible sources for all references included in an article.  Additionally, it is our policy to share the original source material when applicable.

Nicole Simpson domestic violence hotline Sojourn OJ Simpson

Tales From The OJ Simpson Civil Trial • The Anonymous Caller

Following the acquittal of OJ Simpson in October 1995, Fred Goldman was so bloodthirsty that, instead of playing by the rules, he left his regular day job to head up a reactionary "victims" organization with one goal: to change California’s hearsay laws to benefit...
Keith Zlomsowitch Nicole Brown Simpson OJ Simpson Relationship

Keith Zlomsowitch • Adventures in Embellishment

After seven years of marriage, in January 1992, O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson made the decision to separate. In February 1992, Nicole and her children with Mr. Simpson, Justin and Sydney, left 360 N Rockingham Ave and moved 1.3 miles away to a four-bedroom house...
Ron Goldman's siter, Kim Goldman, Dated Michael Nigg in 1992 OJ Simpson OJSimpson.Co

World Exclusive: Kim Goldman Dated Michael Nigg In 1992

Two friends, approximately 26 years old, both waiters & aspiring actors are murdered in separate incidents in safe parts of Los Angeles just 15 months apart.  Neither murder has ever been solved.  The men have a lot in common; more than even they knew…...
If I Did It and Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice OJ Simpson

The Unbelievable, Untold True Story of If I Did It & the Ron Goldman Foundation

When "If I Did It" was published in 2007 a note on the last page of the book stated that: a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Ron Goldman Foundation for Justice, a nonprofit organization that aims to "empower, inspire, motivate,...
Patrick J McKenna OJ Simpson

A 6 Hour Master Class on the O.J. Simpson Trial with Lead Investigator Patrick J. McKenna on Porkins Policy Radio

Patrick J. McKenna is the third most famous individual born in the Chicago suburb of Calumet City , Illinois.  The two most famous native sons of “Cal City” are, of course, the fictional characters Jake and Elwood Blues – better known as the Blues Brothers...
Fred and Kim Goldman Shameful Smear of OJ and Nicole Brown Simpson Children

EDITORIAL: Fred & Kim’s Shameful Smear

A New Low: The Goldman’s Use of the News Media to Bully Nicole Brown Simpson’s Kids   In the past thirty years we have seen so many ordinary people who have done extraordinary things for the greater good and others in the wake of the murder...

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