Top 3 Revelations from the LAPD Interrogation of O.J. Simpson

What did O.J. say when LAPD detectives questioned him about the murder of his ex-wife?

On June 13, 1994 the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) had their one and only opportunity to question O.J. Simpson about the murder of his ex-wife.  There were only three men in the interrogation room at Parker Center: LAPD Detectives Lange & Vannatter and O.J. Simpson; no lawyers, no rules, no time limits.

This short film, 3 Things That Make You Go HMMM, examines the three most significant revelations from June 13, 1994 when O.J. Simpson faced off against  Detective Tom Lange and Detective Philip Vannatter of LAPD’s legendary Robbery-Homicide Division.  Most of the revelations has been under-reported by the news media.

NOTE: Prior to viewing this video, viewers are encouraged to watch the complete, unedited 13 June 1994 LAPD Interrogation of O.J. Simpson (Runtime: 34 minutes) which can be viewed here.