100 Celebrities Arrested for Domestic Violence

So Many Famous Actors, Musicians and Athletes Arrested for Domestic Violence But So Few Held Accountable By the Public & News Media 

While we have, rightly, treated some famous domestic abusers like O.J. Simpson and Ray Rice like pariahs; we have given free passes to countless other celebrities who have physically abused their partners.  Despite being arrested for the exact same crime of domestic violence as Simpson and Rice, the news media and public has turned a blind eye to so many other famous men and women who physically abuse their partner.

There should be NO free passes.

Remember in 2014 when following Ray Rice being suspended by the NFL and cut by the Baltimore Ravens more than 7,000 fans lined up to trade-in their jersey bearing the name of a batterer for a new Ravens jersey? “What [Rice] did wasn’t right, and I don’t want to wear a jersey of a player who acted like that,” Zachary Blankenship, a college student waiting on the long line to exchange his Ray Rice jersey, told the Baltimore Sun. “He was my favorite player. I could care less about him now.”

It is important to note that Ray Rice was not convicted of domestic abuse and, on 21 May 2015, following his completion of a pretrial intervention program, the domestic violence charges against Rice were dismissed. While the Justice System did not hold Rice accountable, the sports industry and the public certainly did.

However domestic abusers being held accountable by industry and the public rarely ever happens:

  • We still buy tickets for an abuser’s latest films.
  • We continue to watch television shows starring actors who abuse their partners off-screen.
  • We download their latest singles and go to their concert when their latest tour comes to your city.
  • We continue to support the sports teams with abusers on their roster.

We will not end domestic violence if we continue to support abusers and give out free passes to abusers.

There are plenty of talented performers and athletes in the world–don’t tell me we can’t find a few who don’t physically abuse their partners.

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